Plant a 🌳 with the TreeMission Program!

Most of the countries in the world have admitted: “We are having a climate crisis”!

For solving this problem, the TreeMission Union is planning community tree planting programs continuously, with the option of tree adopting. Anyone can join this mission, be it small/medium businesses, multinational companies, educational institutes, Governments, or any other group.

The TreeMission Enviromental protection plan’s main goal is to give a way for private persons, companies and insitutes to environment friendly and economical alternatives.

At TreeMission they believe that a sustainable and eco-conscious thinking isn’t neccesarily based on abnegations. A little attention, a few good info and a positive community is enough to start the changes.

Day by day more people are joining the eco-conscious thinking. If you think that we could add to a better future, join our program:
As an “adopting parent” in the tree planting project, you can choose any of the programs in the following form: (hős (hero) or szuperhős (superhero) “charity”).
From the support received until now, the supported organizations are the following:
– Komlói Állatvédő Egyesület
– Pécs-Normandia Lions Club
– Mosolymanó Egyesület
– Magyar Mentőkutyás Szervezetek Országos Szövetsége

You may join as a private person, or as a company – and you have already added to the Earth and your fellow Humans!