2019’s Advent Fair in Pécs

The IX. Advent Craft- and Tale Fair in Pécs opened it’s gates for

the public!

On november 29th, Friday the Széchenyi square lit up in Christmas lights again, this is the start of this year’s Advent Fair in Pécs! This time of the year, faithfully to Pécs’ traditions, the city’s main square gets filled up with vendors, mulled wine, craft vendors and other delicacies.

Tales, sweet scents, good food and company, intimate atmosphere for the common holiday of the people of Pécs.

You wouldn’t want to miss this year’s programs either, there will be a lot of  cultural, gastronomical, and child friendly, family events. You can see a full list of the programs at our Events section of the website, or simply click on the link below!

IX. Advent Craft- and Tale Fair // Pécs

We wish you all a Happy Holiday Season! 😊