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Oct 26 2019


10:00 - 18:00


Tree adopting: 3 000 Ft, Tree adopting + charity: 5 000 Ft

Sportolók Ligete – tree planting

Most of the countries in the world have admitted: “We are having a climate crisis”!

For solving this problem, the TreeMission Union is planning community tree planting programs continuously, with the option of tree adopting. Anyone can join this mission, be it small/medium businesses, multinational companies, educational institutes, Governments, or any other group.

Since everything is in connection with everything in nature: YOUR part in it is IMPORTANT as well, be you an active athlete, enthusiastic fan.
As an “adopting parent” in the tree planting project, you can choose any of the programs in the following form: https://forms.gle/e6SNxwx5Ttgjd8DV6 (hős (hero) or szuperhős (superhero) “charity”).
From the support received until now, the supported organizations are the following:
– Komlói Állatvédő Egyesület http://www.komloiallatvedok.hu/
– Pécs-Normandia Lions Club http://www.pnlc.hu/
– Mosolymanó Egyesület https://mosolymano.hu/
– Magyar Mentőkutyás Szervezetek Országos Szövetsége http://www.magyarmentokutyasok.hu/

On October 19th, we have started, and on October 26th, we will continue one of Hungary’s biggest green-charity project, the “Sportolók Ligete” project, for the permanently damaged athletes, by planting 250 pcs of “climate-tree” at the Central Wakeboard field of Pécs.

You may join as a private person, or as a company – and you have already added to the Earth and your fellow Humans!
You can also support our initiative by sharing this event!
Please, register here: https://forms.gle/QidfyUmdShJMshJa9

Come and be a “tree missionary”!
We thank you in the name of every breathing “Thing”!